Donations 195 donations from 1996 to our days

Marcestel focused his creative output on mythology and origin of the world. In Japan, he illustrated the major events of the Kojiki, the collection of myths of origins which inspired some of the beliefs of Shintoism.

In 1996, at the invitation of the city of Ise (Mie Prefecture), Marcestel exhibit to celebrate the 2000 years of the famous Ise Jingu Shrine. In gratitude, the sanctuary solicit the artist to make a first donation of works dealing with mythology. Therein began a long series of donations, currently totalling 195 during Marcestel lifetime, made to some of the most important shrine of Japan, including DazaifuTenmangu, Takachiho Jinja, Izumo Taisha, Itsukushima Jinja, Heian Jingu, Meiji Jingu or Dewasanzan to name but a few.




1.Ise JinguMie
Marcestel sculpture representing a woman on a bird.

Ise Jingyu

(donation #1 – 1996)


2.Dewasanzan JinjaYamagata


3.Kashima JinguIbaraki


4.Takachiho JinjaMiyazaki
5.Izumo OoyashiroShimane
6.Udo JinguMiyazaki
7.Miyazaki JinguMiyazaki
8.Yaegaki JinjaShimane


9.Aoshima JinjaMiyazaki
10.Tousen JinjaHyogo
11.Munakata TaishaFukuoka


12.Suwa TaishaNagano
13.Aratate JinjaMiyazaki


14.Tsuma JinjaMiyazaki
15.Dazaifu TenmanguFukuoka
16.Izanagi JinguHyogo


17.Kumano Hongu TaishaWakayama
18.Kumano Hayatama TaishaWakayama
19.Kumano Nachi TaishaWakayama
20.Oomiwa JinjaNara
Marcestel's donation to Takachiho Jinja in 2003.

Takachiho Jinja – Miyazaki

(donation #4 – 2003)


21.Tenkawa DaibenzaitenshaNara
22.Kashihara JinguNara
23.Mishima TaishaShizuoka
24.Kagoshima JinguKagoshima
25.Kirishima JinguKagoshima
26.Kamayama JinjaWakayama
27.Tsushima JinjaAichi
28.Aso JinjaKumamoto
29.Katori JinguChiba


30.Naminoue GuOkinawa
31.Iwashimizu HachimanguKyoto
32.Heitate JinguKumamoto
33.Akasaka Hikawa Jinja Tokyo
34.Kanda Jinja (Kanda Myojin)Tokyo
35.Atsuta JinguAichi
36.Meiji JinguTokyo


37.Taga TaishaShiga
38.Hie JinjaTokyo
39.Warei JinjaEhime
40.Ooyamazumi JinjaEhime
41.Hokkaido JinguHokkaido
42.Kotohira GuKagawa
43.Kasuga TaishaNara
44.Aoso JinjaMiyagi
45.Sumiyoshi TaishaOsaka
46.Kamomioya Jinja (Shimogamo Jinja)Kyoto
Marcestel's donation to Aratate Jinja - Miyazaki in 2005.

Aratate Jinja – Miyazaki

(donation #4 – 2005)


47.Futenma GuOkinawa
48.Sumiyoshi JinjaYamaguchi
49.Matsuo TaishaKyoto
50.Fujisan Hongu Sengen TaishaShizuoka
51.Shizuoka Sengen JinjaShizuoka
53.Ikuta JinjaHyogo
54.Iyozuhikonomikoto JinjaEhime
55.Ehimeken Gokoku JinjaEhime
56.Koura TaishaFukuoka
57.Itatehyouzu JinjaHyogo
58.Usa JinguOita
59.Nagata JinjaHyogo
60.Kamowakeikazuchi Jinja (Kamigamo Jinja)Kyoto
61.Osaka TenmanguOsaka
62.Heisenji Hakusan JinjaFukui
63.Shirayamahime JinjaIshikawa
64.Tsuno JinjaMiyazaki
65.Amanoiwato Jinja Miyazaki
66.Watatsumi JinjaNagasaki


67.Kaijin JinjaNagasaki
68.Kono JinjaKyoto
69.Tamura JinjaKagawa
70.Tukiyomi JinjaNagasaki
71.Kunikatanushi JinjaNagasaki
72.Amanotanagao JinjaNagasaki
73.Chinzei Taisha Suwa JinjaNagasaki
74.Yodohime JinjaSaga
75.Sumiyoshi Jinja (Otaru)Hokkaido
76.Yahiko Jinja Hokkaido
77.Kagami JinjaSaga
78.Hirahama Hachimangu Takeuchi JinjaShimane
79.Nagataki Hakusan JinjaGifu
80.Kibitsu Jinja Okayama
81.Komagata JinjaIwate
82.Kibitsuhiko JinjaOkayama
83.Kanaya JinjaNagasaki
84.Terukuni JinjaKagoshima
85.Nitta JinjaKagoshima
86.Ishizuchi JinjaEhime
87.Isono JinjaEhime
88.Oomi JinjaMiyazaki
89.Shimono Hachiman DaijinjaMiyazaki
90.Hinomisaki JinjaShimane
91.Iwa JinjaHyogo
92.Akama JinguYamaguchi
93.Tokami JinjaNagasaki
94.Iwakiyama JinjaAomori
95.Shikanoumi JinjaFukuoka
Marcestel's donation to Meiji Jingu in 2009.
Marcestel portrait during a donation ceremony. Meiji Jingu shrine Tokyo. 2009.

Kasuga Taisha- Nara

(donation #43 – 2010)


96.Ookunitama JinjaTokyo
97.Toyotamahime JinjaSaga
98.Isonokami JinguNara
99.Taikodani Inari JinjaShimane
100.Mizuwakasu JinjaShimane
101.Sada JinjaShimane
102.Kamosu JinjaShimane
103.Iya JinjaShimane
104.Susa JinjaShimane
105.Suga JinjaShimane
106.Kumano TaishaShimane
107.Miho JinjaShimane
108.Mankusen JinjaShimane
109.Asayama JinjaShimane
110.Nagahama JinjaShimane
111.Mii JinjaShimane
112.Tamatsukuriyu JinjaShimane
113.Noki JinjaShimane
115.Samukawa JinjaKanagawa
116.Tsurugaoka HachimanguKanagawa
117.Yahiko JinjaNiigata
118.Heian JinguKyoto
119.Tsukubasan JinjaIbarajki
120.Somaota JinjaFukushima
121.Oogamiyama JinjaTottori
122.Tosa JinjaKochi
Marcestel's donation to Iwashimizu Hachimangu in 2009.

Iwashimizu Hachimangu – Kyoto

(donation #31 – 2009)


123.Shinmei JinjaFukui
124.San Marino JinjaRepublic of San Marino  
125.Masumida JinjaAichi
126.Hiyoshi TaishaShiga
127.Takebe TaishaShiga
128.Shirotori JinjaKagawa
129.Kousou HachimanguFukuoka
130.Hiraoka JinjaOsaka
Marcestel's donation to Istukishima Jinja in 2015.
Marcestel's donation to Istukishima Jinja in 2015.

Itsukushima Jinja – Hiroshima

(donation #133 – 2015)


131.Amezakura JinjaShizuoka
132.Kamado JinjaFukuoka
133.Itsukushima JinjaHiroshima
135.Umi HachimanguFukuoka
136.Hakuto JinjaTottori
137.Hikawa JinjaSaitama
138.Koma JinjaSaitama
139.Ryozen JinjaFukushima
140.Hirakiki JinjaKagoshima
141.Sano JinjaMiyazaki
142.Sangasho JinjaMiyazaki
143.Shiromi JinjaMiyazaki
144.Sumiyoshi JinjaFukuoka
145.Kushida JinjaFukuoka
146.Okuni JinjaShizuoka
147.Ooasahiko JinjaTokushima
148.Izumo DaijinguKyoto
149.Misogi GotenMiyazaki
150.Eda JinjaMiyazaki
151.Inbe JinjaTokushima
152.Tsurugisan Hongu Tsurugi JinjaTokushima
153.Kamiichinomiya Ooawa JinjaTokushima
154.Yamasaki Inbe JinjaTokushima
155.Izanami Jinja (Anabuki)Tokushima
156.Izanami Jinja (Mima)Tokushima
157.Atago Jinja (Tokyo)Tokyo
158.Mononobe Jinja Shimane


159.Sakurai JinjaFukuoka
160.Atago Jinja (Kyoto Kameoka)Kyoto
161.Futamiokitama JinjaMie
162.Kifune JinjaKyoto
163.Ubushina JinjaKagawa
164.Hirota JinjaHyogo
165.Kotonomama HachimanguShizuoka
166.Gosha Jinja Suwa JinjaShizuoka
Marcestel's donation to Sumiyoshi Taisha in 2010.
Marcestel's donation to Sumiyoshi Taisha in 2010.

Sumiyoshi Taisha- Osaka

(donation #45 – 2010)


167.Ichinomiya JinjaHyogo
168.Togakushi JinjaNagano
169.Nishinomiya JinjaHyogo
170.Isetama JinjaToyama
171.Tokyo DaijinguTokyo
172.Omi JinguShiga
173.Ooi JinjaShizuoka
174.Ishikiri Tsurugiya JinjaOsaka
175.Iwaseo HachimanguKagawa
176.Nangu TaishaGifu


177.Oyama JinjaIshikawa
178.Ushiodake JinjaMiyazaki
179.Ashiya JinjaHyogo
Marcestel's donation n°194 in 2022.

(donation #194 – 2022)


180.Minatogawa JinjaHyogo
181.Iminomiya JinjaYamaguchi
182.Nanba JinjaOsaka Fu
183.Matsubara HachimanjinjaHyogo
184.Hashirimizu JinjaKanagawa


185.Shibukawa JinjaAichi
187.Hakodate HachimanguHokkaido
188.Okayama JinjaOkayama


190.Yasaka JinjaKyoto
191.Fushimi Inari TaishaKyoto
192.Kitano TenmanguKyoto


193.Hirano JinjaKyoto
194.Tsubaki OokamiyashiroMie


195.Taiheizan Miyoshi JinjaAkita

Non official donation after the death of Marcestel


196.Nikko ToshoguTochigi
197.Takeda JinjaYamanashi
198.Nukisaki JinjaGumma
199.Yasukuni JinjaTokyo
200.Shiogama JinjaMiyagi

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