View of several Marcestel's bouquets painting in his atelier.

Marcestel CollectionsMarcestel Exclusive Worldwide Representative

After the passing of Marcestel in April 2023, the Squarciafichi family requested to Sebastien Lebegue, a long term collaborator of Marcestel, to create a legal entity which inventories, manages and protects all of Marcestel’s works and copyrights.

Following the philosophy of Marcestel artistic approach and developpement, Marcestel Collections was born.

Beyond the overall inventory of creations and other missions concerning the preservationof the artworks, Marcestel collections will represent Marcestel and the Squarciafichi family’s rights in any partnerships with whom wants to display or use Marcestel’s works & copyrights.

What is Marcestel collections ?

  • Marcestel Collections is a registered brand and a legal entity that represent Marcestel and Assigns.
  • Marcestel Collections is the exclusive and worldwide representative of Marcestel.
  • Marcestel Collections inventories, manages and protects all of Marcestel’s works and copyrights.
  • Marcestel Collections centralizes and manages partnerships with all companies and organizations that wish to present Marcestel’s work.
  • Marcestel Collections will inform friends and supporters who admire Marcestel’s work of any events organize by our own or with partners collaborations.

The missions of Marcestel Collections

  • Create a inventory of Marcestel artworks in Japan, but also collect and bring together works scattered around the world.
  • Inventory and classify by period, style, theme, technique or size all the artworks.
  • Conservation, preservation and management of the stocks.
  • Communication and defense of Marcestel’s artistic approach, biography and philosophy.
  • Management of the copyrights and the author’s right for any licenses using Marcestel’s name, text or image of artworks.
  • Defenseof the rights and copyrights of Marcestel and his Assigns and in case, engagement of legal procedures in favor of Marcestel.
  • Management of any external partnerships with companies, Organizations, Museum or legal entities.
  • Monitoring of organization of events and exhibitions (internal &partenerships) in the respect of Marcestel’s approach.
  • Management of the communication, including the use of Marcestel name and graphic chart.
  • Creation and management of Marcestel’swebsite, and for the main collections, online galleries accessible to the public.
View of Marcestel's stock.

Partnership and Services

Marcestel collections is the keystonethat makes the link betweenthe works or copyrights of Marcestel and any partners, but also, the legal entity ensuring that any profits from the exploitation of Marcestel’s work accrue to his beneficiaries, the Squarciafichi family.

The foundation of any partnership will be based on mutual trust and common objectives of Marcestel’sdevelopment, and will be ensured by the drafting of fair and sustainable contracts.

  • External organization of exhibitions or collaborations with Marcestel Collections.
  • Entrustment, rental from single work to larger exhibitions.
  • Sales exhibitions or events by galleries or professionals.
  • Rights for online or space display, projections, show, video, TV…
  • Rights for design collaboration, commercial use, productions
  • Any other copyrights or term of use.

Any needs or project can be discussed : Contact Marcestel Collections.

Marcestel Collections and Ikono Art

The Squarciafichi family requested to Sebastien Lebegue, a long term collaborator of Marcestel, to ensure and protect the future of their brother’sartistic heritage.

Under a deep trust and agreement from Marcestel’s assigns, and in the respect of Marcestel’s aesthetic and artistic approach, Sebastien Lebegue created Marcestel Collections, a registered brand that he integrated to his company, ikono g.k. (LLC) under the branch Ikono art.

Marcestel Collections is officially Licensed by ikonog.k. from october2023, and became the Exclusive Worldwide Representative of Marcestel and Assigns.

Ikono is a company based in Japan, created by Sebastien Lebegue, dedicated to the world of images. Its name comes from the word “Icon” and “Iconography”. It contain five Branches, three are dedicated to photography, one to the design, and the fifth, Ikono Art, to the artist representation and organization of exhibitions.

The collaborators

Portrait of Sebastien Lebegue, french photographer and artist who worked in collaboration with Marcestel from 2010.

Sebastien Lebegue

Official and exclusive Marcestel representative

CEO of Ikono g.k.

Worked in collaboration with Marcestel from 2010.

Was in charge of the inventories and the photographies of the collections – data, biography and copyrights management – editor of the giclee limited series, counsellor, advisor, and also a friend.

Sebastien Lebegue’s personal activities

Photographer and artist

Studied art, photography and architecture from his 14, and made his first personal exhibition at 17, First national baccalaurean.

10 years long art teacher for French education in parallel of his own creation. He made several worldwide exhibitions (Tokyo, Paris, London, Berlin, but also in US, Fiji, Polynesia and New Caledonia – His last group exhibition in Tokyo was in Bunkamura in 2019 in the exact place where Marcestel inaugurated the Bunkamura exhibition room in 1989). Professional photographer from 2007 and created the commercial name of ikono in 2015.

Sebastien Lebegue published 3 books. The last one, Coutume Kanak (ed. Au vent des iles © 2018), is used in all school of new Caledonia for the traditional culture eduction.

Learn moreAbout Marcestel Collections

Portrait of Marcestel in his atelier.

Mastering multiple painting and sculptural techniques, Marcestel illustrated the major events of the Japanese Mythology.

Marcestel portrait during a donation ceremony. Meiji Jingu shrine Tokyo. 2009.

Marcestel made a long series of donations, currently totalling over 200 to some of the most important shrines of Japan.

Visual of Marcestel Collections event, Tribute to the master of colors.

A series of three events has been organized to pay homage to Marcestel in a peaceful, harmonious gathering.

Marcestel painting

Marcestel’s talent and mastery of color and techniques leave a huge collection of creations. The collections present the main themes of his work.

Marcestel Collections logo on black background.

Question ? Contact Marcestel Collections, the legal entity which inventories, manages and protects all of Marcestel’s works and copyrights.