Marcestel CollectionsMarcestel Exclusive Worldwide Representative

Welcome to Marcestel Collections, the legal entity which inventories, manages and protects all of Marcestel’s works and copyrights, and liaises with any partners who would like to present the artworks in exhibitions.

Low key portrait of Marc Antoine Squarciafichi, known as Marcestel © Benjamin

The passing in April 2023 of Marc Antoine Squarciafichi, also known as Marcestel, left a void in all our lives.

The Squarciafichi family would like to express their heartfelt gratitude for your many years of friendship and support of Marcestel and would be honored by your continuity with Marcestel Collections. 

Marcestel The master of colors

Antoine Squarciafichi Marcestel is painting in 2013.

Marcestel, was a French artist based in Japan for over fifty years. Mastering multiple painting and sculptural techniques, he illustrated the major events of the Japanese Mythology. He was recognized and awarded by the Shinto order and the Japanese culture minister.

Marcestel portrait during a donation ceremony. Meiji Jingu shrine Tokyo. 2009.

In 1996, solicited by Ise Jingu Shrine, he made a first donation of works dealing with mythology. There in began a long series of donations, currently totalling over 200, made to some of the most important shrine of Japan.

Artwork collectionsThe main series of his creations

Beyond the heritage of Marcestel’s talent and mastery of color and techniques, he leaves us a huge collection of creation. His favorite themes, in addition to mythology, are those of the creation of worlds, nature and elementary materials, as well as universal Love which he illustrates through the human figure, the bouquet or in free and abstract compositions.
The collections present the main themes of his pictural productions, the sculptural series of Bronze, glass or ceramics, but also his original creations of silk and fashion design.

Pictural production

Sculptural production

Silk and fashion


Marcestel's painting representing japanese mythology.
Marcestel's large painting on 2 panels, representing nature.
Marcestel sculpture representing a woman on a bird.
Marcestel's painting on a glass vase.
Detail of kimono made with silk painted by Marcestel.
Silk painted by Marcestel.
Cover of Marcestel's book "Japanese Mytologhy (for kids)".
Picture of the interior of Marecestel's book "Japanese Mythology".

Marcestel Collections Marcestel Exclusive Worldwide Representative

After the passing of Marcestelin April 2023, the Squarciafichi family requested to Sebastien Lebegue, a long term collaborator of Marcestel,to create a legal entity which inventories, manages and protects all of Marcestel’s works and copyrights.
Following the philosophy of Marcestel artistic approach and developpement, Marcestel Collections was born.
Beyond the overall inventory of creations and other missions to preserve the artworks, Marcestel collections will represent the squarciafichi family’s rights and will engage partnerships for whose who wants to display or useMarcestel’s work.

EventTribute to the master of colors

A series of three events titled ”Marcestel, Tribute to the Master of Colors” has been organized at the request and under the direction of the Squarciafichi familyto pay homage to Marcestel in a peaceful, harmonious gathering.

  • October 2, 2023 – Memorial Ceremony – Sumiyoshi Taisha in Osaka.
  • October 6 to 10 – An exhibition commemorating 50 years of creation, including his last works, will be held at the Maison Franco Japonaise in Ebisu.
  • October 7 from noon, by invitation only:  memorial luncheon at the Imperial Hotel. 
Marcestel's painting representing a woman walking with Fuji-san behind her.

Monday October 2nd 2023Memorial ceremony and events Eternity and Love, a Mythology Story

Sumiyoshi Taisha – Osaka

The unfinished last painting made by Marcestel few days before his death.

Friday October 6th to Tuesday 10th 2023Marcestel Memorial Exhibition50 years of creation and the last works

Maison Franco Japonaise (Gallery 1F) – Ebisu Tokyo

Painting of Marcestel representing gods.

Saturday October 7th 2023Memorial LuncheonAnd « Event to thanks Master Marcestel »

Imperial Hotel – Hibiya
(Invitation only)